Thursday, December 2, 2010

Take back your Christmas!

 I love that!  Sometimes Christmas kind of becomes it's own being, going through the motions, buying the presents, hiding the presents, wrapping the presents, attending events, shipping boxes, making the list and checking it....twice?  More like 200 times, on some days, LOL. 

Enjoying the month of December so far and that's exactly how I want it.  We're 2 days in, and so far I've organized scrap supplies, gathered gift wrap and ribbons, and even set up a scrap area in my dining room for this month.  Normally, I do all my artsy-crafty stuff in the loft upstairs, and while there is much more space (and more supplies than I'll ever need upstairs), I wanted to be downstairs in the middle of things this year.  Oh, and did I mention I need to be downstairs to keep an eye on our new puppy-girl? 

Awww, sweet and cute, isn't she?

And then the teeth come out, totally unexpected....whoa!
She's really sweet, just a little puppy-girl of 7 weeks or so who hasn't learned her manners yet. (We're working on that.)  She's a little wild one, chews everything, so leaving her alone for even a little while would be....uhm, dangerous to say the least. 

´╗┐Have my manifesto up, a la Shimelle, to remind me of all the fun I'm gonna have making. 

More to come soon :)


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